If You Have A Problem With Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial, You’re Most Likely A Racist

Last night, Coca-Cola aired a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring people singing “America, the Beautiful” in different languages. Twitter, the hot mess that it can be, promptly erupted, with some outrageous comments and hashtags bashing Coca-Cola for the commercial. For example, there is the #speakamerican hashtag (which has thankfully been hijacked by some more intelligent people).

Let’s just get one thing straight: if you have a problem with the Coca-Cola commercial, you are more than likely a racist. Sorry I’m not sorry to have to break it to you.

The “It’s Beautiful” commercial highlights what makes this country so damn special. America is a country where people from all walks of life and cultures can come together and achieve their dream. Well, at least that’s the bag of goods we’ve been selling, despite our complicated history of xenophobia. That said, it is commendable that Coca-Cola, arguably the most American brand out there, would highlight America’s most profound principle. The fact that people are singing “America, The Beautiful” (which, by the way, is NOT our national anthem) in different languages just elucidates the fact that regardless of your language or culture, you can still have a deep, meaningful connection to this country. It’s a beautiful sentiment.

The fact that people could bastardize this sentiment with some of the most blatantly xenophobic vitriol I’ve seen is proof that we, as a nation, still have a long, long, long way to go. We should be in the space that people should, at the very least, be uncomfortable stating these racist as hell thoughts and feelings. But alas, people took to Twitter to declare Coca-Cola terrorists for showing the reality of the country we live in. There is literally no excuse or justification for such outrageous levels of hatred.

If you honestly believe that there was a problem with Coca-Cola’s commercial, you need to take a hard look in the mirror, because you are most certainly a racist. There is no getting around it, and there is nothing you can say in your defense. Accept it, move on, and maybe attempt at being a better human being.

One thought on “If You Have A Problem With Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial, You’re Most Likely A Racist

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