Ego Photos: You Know The Struggle is Real When People Do This With Their Cars

You know it is a struggle in this sweltering hell hole when people duck tape an air conditioner to their car window.

And before you ask, this was taken a block away from the Trump Hotel SoHo, another example of the struggle being REAL!

How you are surviving this nightmare weather?



Ego Video: I Am NOT Tropical! I Am Not a Damn Toucan!

If you are living in the Northeast right now, it’s hot.

Not cute Florida hot (although Florida isn’t my favorite state at the moment, I will freely admit that it has the best weather all year round), but gross, muggy, nasty hot.

This wonderful video perfectly encapsulates all of my feelings about this heat.

Although I don’t feel her on the barbecue complaints. I could tear up a hot dog at the moment.