PokeLogic: Wonder Trade Is The Best Feature of Pokemon X and Y


Imagine if every day you exchanged gifts from someone miles and miles away. It could be something awesome, like an iPad, or something sucky, like a stick of gum. But isn’t the uncertainty of it all fun?

That is why Wonder Trade is, in my humble opinion (yeah right), the best new feature in Pokemon X and Y? Why bring it up three months after the game’s release, you ask? Because I just restarted Pokemon X and have realized how unintentionally awesome Wonder Trade is when you are just starting out the game.

For example, in one trade, I received a level one Goomy, a Dragon type you don’t see until much later in the game. It was in my team for a good while, but I boxed in place of Skiddo (I wanted Gogoat, because of the cartoon; sue me). I also received a level one Fletching with Gale Wings (an amazing Ability by the way) but traded it away because I didn’t realize what Gale Wings did until I read it on Serebii.net. Dumb mistake.

You know what else I received through Wonder Trade? A Chimchar. A freaking Chimchar. You know, the one that evolves into the ass-kicking Infernape? That one.

In case you are wondering, no I am not cheating and using overleveled Pokemon that I’ve received to power through the game. I either re-trade them or box them for breeding later. I’m not an asshole.

Wonder Trade, and the whole revamped Internet system as a whole, is an amazing addition to the Pokemon game series that adds many more hours of gameplay to game that is painfully short. I mean, it’s either this or spending every waking moment feeding your Mewtwo PokePuffs and watch him not give a single fuck about it. Well, you can still do that, it’s kind of amusing.

Keep tuned for more of my Pokemon exploits with the PokeLogic tag!

– B


This Is What Mega Lucario Looks Like When He’s Coming For Your Blood

Following yesterday’s leak via CoroCoro, the Pokemon Company has officially released information confirming Mega Evolution and how they work.

It’s an in-battle only mechanic that only some Pokemon can access via a special stone. Lucario’s stone is Lucarionite, and Blaziken’s stone is Blazikenite (they could’ve come up with better names, but eh). After the battle is over, the Megas go back to being normal Pokemon. Basically, its like Super Saiyan for Pokemon, which is kind of cool.

Although we’ve seen, via CoroCoro, evolutions for Absol, Mawile, and Ampharos, we only have official artwork for Blaziken and Lucario, and it looks even better than the leak.

Like seriously, just get into Lucario’s new spikes, his red feet, his huge bushy tail, his flowing head things, and that look that says “welcome to the end of your life.”

This is what Lucario and his Mega form look like, side-by-side:

Freaking slayage. FREAKING DAMN SLAYAGE!

And for those who are here for Blaziken, here is his form in clear form:

Not as much slayage, but pretty awesome regardless.

Pokemon X & Y come out on October 12th worldwide.

Pokemon X & Y News: Ampharos Gets A Weave!


Doesn’t she look fierce?

Two months to go until the new Pokemon games come out, which means the information we’re getting is getting more and more insane.

Serebii.net revealed the last X&Y details for Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Besides some new Pokemon, they revealed a new type of form change called MegaEvolution. It’s not the same as regular evolution, but the exact details still aren’t clear yet. So far, five other Pokemon have been revealed to “evolve” this way:





And of course, the new form of Mewtwo (also known as Mewthree, or Majin Mew)

Of all of the new forms, Lucario looks the best. As expected; he is perfection anyway.

But Ampharos did just get a whole new weave. Oh, and it’s now classified as ELECTRIC/DRAGON in this form.


I officially need this game in my life.

– B

Ego GIFs: Iris’s Dragonite Doesn’t Care about Your Feelings

Watching Pokémon through a young adult’s eye is truly a wonderful experience (minus the painful dialogue and complete lack of logic from Ash, even though he’s been on his journey for nearly 20 YEARS).

What’s so awesome about watching Pokémon as an adult.

You realize that the Pokémon have more personality than their trainers.

For instance, Iris’s Dragonite is pretty much flawless because he is consistently over it all of the time.

Ugh, you’re so stupid

Are you coming? I have places to be

You suck at this

I’m bored

*roll eyes*


The moral of this story? When you are a part of the iconic original 150, your feelings DO NOT MATTER!

Ego GIFs: Piplup Punches Cyndaquil OUT!


So guess what? I love Pokemon, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it.

It slays. End of story, and if you are, for some inexplicable reason, pressed about it, oh well.

But that’s not the point. For this ridiculously hot Friday, just sit back and enjoy this hilarious GIF of Piplup basically Cyndaquil, “UP OUT MY FACE, BOY! I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR YOU!”

I promise you, you will at least get half of an LOL from this. If not, pshhhhh.

While you are at it, check out our new blog page to see more hilarious GIFs that P and I find through our daily trials and tribulations. If you have a particular GIF you want me to highlight, just leave a comment!

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