Video of the Week: It’s Only A Dollar, Beyonce!

Beyonce is an icon, which means that everything she does is up for scrutiny, even her choice of drink.

In her hit single “Drunk in Love” Beyonce proclaims proudly (or drunkenly) that she drinks watermelon. The woman above would like it known that she can drink watermelon just as good as she can, because, “it’s only a dollar, bitch!”

I watch this video at least three times a day, to ensure that I receive my daily healthy dose of laughs out loud.

Please click on the above video and get all of your life for the weekend!


Ego Videos: Doctor diagnoses woman with ‘ghetto booty’

This is sort of a ramble. I am unsure whether or not to laugh, cry or become militant because I do not tolerate sexism or racism, but this is too good to be true.

One thing is for sure though, I am feeling some type of way. 

Apparently the doctor searched the term like it’s in the King’s English dictionary or something, justifying what he said because according to his analysis the term doesn’t specify black or white women. Furthermore, he claims he wanted to make a technical term easier for the woman to understand. What is she stupid?

Really though, how is he just gonna diagnose someone with having ghetto booty? Moreover, how does one just come to the conclusion that this comment is appropriate. Telling someone they have a ghetto booty, except in extremely limited circumstances, is not a compliment. So, mmm, SMDH all day long!

That’s too much, America. That’s too much. I wish he said that to me. I wish. Because I’m crazy. I stay pressed.