If You Have A Problem With Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial, You’re Most Likely A Racist

Last night, Coca-Cola aired a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring people singing “America, the Beautiful” in different languages. Twitter, the hot mess that it can be, promptly erupted, with some outrageous comments and hashtags bashing Coca-Cola for the commercial. For example, there is the #speakamerican hashtag (which has thankfully been hijacked by some more intelligent people).

Let’s just get one thing straight: if you have a problem with the Coca-Cola commercial, you are more than likely a racist. Sorry I’m not sorry to have to break it to you.

The “It’s Beautiful” commercial highlights what makes this country so damn special. America is a country where people from all walks of life and cultures can come together and achieve their dream. Well, at least that’s the bag of goods we’ve been selling, despite our complicated history of xenophobia. That said, it is commendable that Coca-Cola, arguably the most American brand out there, would highlight America’s most profound principle. The fact that people are singing “America, The Beautiful” (which, by the way, is NOT our national anthem) in different languages just elucidates the fact that regardless of your language or culture, you can still have a deep, meaningful connection to this country. It’s a beautiful sentiment.

The fact that people could bastardize this sentiment with some of the most blatantly xenophobic vitriol I’ve seen is proof that we, as a nation, still have a long, long, long way to go. We should be in the space that people should, at the very least, be uncomfortable stating these racist as hell thoughts and feelings. But alas, people took to Twitter to declare Coca-Cola terrorists for showing the reality of the country we live in. There is literally no excuse or justification for such outrageous levels of hatred.

If you honestly believe that there was a problem with Coca-Cola’s commercial, you need to take a hard look in the mirror, because you are most certainly a racist. There is no getting around it, and there is nothing you can say in your defense. Accept it, move on, and maybe attempt at being a better human being.


Kanye, Stop Trying To Make Kim Kardashian Happen

So Kanye West is mad about something, again.

The Huffington Post reported that the egomaniac rapper has confronted American Vogue editor Anna Wintour over her decision to place Lena Dunham on the cover instead of his fiancee Kim Kardashian. According to him, Kim has long deserved to be on the cover, and that she is just as talented, if not moreso, than Lena Dunham, a multiple Emmy nominee and critically acclaimed writer and actress.

Um, ok?

It really boggles my mind just how disconnected from reality Kanye West is. The reality of the situation is this: Kim Kardashian is not Vogue material, at least not now. She has done nothing to even put her name in the conversation of cover subjects for Vogue, and no, being a reality TV star does not count, and neither does hawking downmarket clothing for Sears.

Call it snobbery if you want, but Vogue is an incredibly influential high fashion magazine that is aimed at a particular audience. Kim Kardashian does not cater to that audience at all. She is a tabloid queen, not a high fashion model or actress or singer or someone with talent worthy of being highlighted. Anna Wintour putting Kim on the cover, just because Kanye thinks she should, would be a disaster for the magazine.

Now, that’s not to say that Kim will never be a worthy Vogue candidate. I mean, look at Victoria Beckham, a Spice Girl-turned-fashion design icon. But right now, Kim is the poster child for everything that’s currently wrong with our celeb-obsessed society and Anna Wintour is way too smart to ever consider Kim for the cover of such an influential magazine, no matter how many proclamations Kanye West makes.

So all I have to say is this, good sir Kanye:

But replace fetch with Kim.

– B

Pharrell’s Hat Won The Grammys

When I first saw Pharrell’s outrageously large hat on the E! Red Carpet, I wanted to snatch it off his head, set fire to it, and slap Pharrell for this egregious error in fashion.

As the night went on, it became clear that Pharrell’s hat was the best thing to happen at a considerably lackluster Grammy ceremony.

I mean, seriously, it was such an absurd hat, that no one else could pull off with same panache as him. It quickly ruled the social media conversation, with people comparing to everything from Smokey The Bear to the Arby’s hat logo. let me just put it like this: you know you’re winning when the Twitter handle for Arby’s has to respond:

Congrats to Pharrell for not only winning a boatload of Grammys, but for also winning the Internet with your stupid ass hat.

Praise aside, I do demand that any Best Dressed Man accolades awarded to Pharrell be stripped of him immediately, because he did look like a stinking hot mess.

Facebook is Killing Bloggers (And Making Money Doing It)

There is a blog I recently started following called “Single Dad Laughing”, written by Dan Pearce. It’s a really fascinating, well-written, incredibly thoughtful blog by an individual who is unflinching in his honesty and self-awareness. It’s one of those blogs that makes you realize that blogging is actually worth it.

Yesterday, he published a post that asked his readers to “save” his blog. As you could imagine, the idea seemed ludicrous, since his blog has incredibly high impressions and readership (as a PR professional, I did the research for work).

It turns out that his S.O.S. wasn’t a fluke, and Facebook was to blame.

I won’t go into details (you could, and should, read it on his blog), but the one thing I will highlight is a YouTube video that maps out, in detail, how Facebook has altered its algorithms to bilk content creators out of impressions and try and force them into spending more in advertising.

Basically, Facebook purposely limits how many people will see your content on their news feed, no matter how many friends or likes you have. The only way to reach your maximum target is to pay to “promote” your post. If you have the money, you could easily flood someone’s News Feed with your posts, while other blogs and pages you follow are drowned out.

A perfect example is Single Dad Laughing and Buzzfeed, which the author also cites as a “blog killer”. Because of Buzzfeed’s numerous partnerships with corporations, it can afford to promote its posts on News Feeds of people that like it. I follow both BuzzFeed and Single Dad Laughing on Facebook. I always see BuzzFeed articles on my News Feed, sometimes even the same article multiple times throughout the day. Meanwhile, I didn’t start seeing SDL posts until I manually clicked the “Get Notifications” option on the blog’s Facebook page. I never  had to do that with BuzzFeed, probably because they just have to “promote” their post to land all over people’s news feeds.

It’s funny; as I’m typing this out, I’m pretty sure I just described net neutrality, which, as BuzzFeed explained in an article, Facebook would benefit greatly from.

Another thing about the video that particularly stuck out to me was how it was explained that, with Facebook, the lines between viewer, content creator, and advertiser have been erased, creating a big mess. While, with Youtube, the lines are clearly defined, and everyone benefits equally. With Facebook, the only one winning is the one with the biggest pockets.

As a blogger myself, it definitely opened my eyes to how Facebook, which is supposed to amplify my outreach, actually limits it. If I were to “promote” one of these posts on Facebook by paying, I’m sure I would see significant pageview increases. Of course, I don’t think it’s fair that I have to pay to make my content visible on the news feeds of people I’m actually connected to. That’s just ridiculous. It’s one thing to “promote” on News Feeds of random people you’ve never met, but doing it with my own friends and family? There is something very icky and manipulative about that.

Of course I want as many people to read this and my other blog as possible, but I am not going to play Facebook’s dirty little game to do it. That will not work for me. Sorry Zuckerberg, but this is not how a “friend” acts.

– B

I Will Not Be Attending Shia LeBeouf’s Pity Party

Nobody has time for this…

Shia LaBeouf needs to have a swift seat.

Yesterday, the Transformers actor sent out this Tweet:

This is after people attacked him for his blatant plagiarism of a comic for his short film HowardCantour.com. Apparently he thought people should let it go, especially after he skywrote an apology to the comic’s creator Daniel Clowes. Well people (including Lena Dunham) didn’t, and now he is quitting public life as a response.

How very Princess Diana of him.

The difference, though, is that Diana quit public life because she was tired of being hounded by the paparazzi who made her life a living hell (and ultimately led to her death). Shia LeBeouf is quitting life because people are holding him accountable for literally stealing someone’s work and passing it off as his own. Forgive me, since I am still a relatively fresh graduate, but that would get him kicked out of even the most hackneyed community college. He cannot seriously expect people to feel sorry for him, right? He isn’t that pretentious, is he?

Then again, he did skywrite an apology.

Sorry, but you will get no sympathy from me. We are not doing this. You STOLE someone’s work, shamelessly. Your apology was a mess. You got Twitter-dragged by Lena Dunham. You have failed. Accept it and move on. Trying to garner sympathy for a dumb decision you made with the most passive aggressive ploy possible is just sad.


EgoRamble: What The Hell Happened To Customer Service?

A couple of days ago, I was watching a clip of Real Housewives of Atlanta, where Sheree Whitfield was fighting with this event planner. It was a hot mess, and at the end, she asked, “whatever happened to customer service?”

Well I have an answer: it went straight to hell.

I won’t go into many details because it is personal (and financial), but I just had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life with a company that claims to excel at it. Lies they tell. I was simply trying to help them verify my information, and the “senior analyst” had the nerve to basically call me a liar. Instead of trying to check the information that was given, or clarify herself when asking questions, she actually told me that I was wrong. Even when I told her what she was saying made no sense, in the most cordial way possible of course, she refused to budge. I have had a number of positive and negative customer experiences, but this was by and large the worst. It was irritating, condescending, and downright insulting.

Of course, thinking about it, the result of the call will be a good thing for me in the long run, but I am still upset that I had to go through it at all.

I can understand that financial institutions have to deal with messy situations all the time, which probably makes them weary. But I do not appreciate basically being called a liar on the phone by some crazy person who was unwilling to even get their facts straight.

This was not the best way to start the year.

Dear Don Lemon (Again), You Are Officially Boring

I really don’t understand Don Lemon anymore.

And no, it’s not because many of his comments have essentially thrown the black community under the bus. Okay, it’s a little bit of that. What’s really frustrating about Don Lemon is that he is so damn bipolar about his messages. He doesn’t straddle the fence; he freaking leaps back and forth over the fence like a horse that’s been shot up with steroids instead of tranquilizers.

Look no further than his comments on the Tom Joyner Show, where he conceded that Stop and Frisk, the controversial New York law that has historically targeted people of color as potential perpetrators of crime, could be and has been abused by police officers. Then, he goes on to say it’s a necessary evil, arguing, in the most shockingly asinine way, “would you rather be politically correct or safe?”

Excuse me?

How do you say in one breath that the law is messed up, and then argue its necessity in the next? It’s almost as if he is trying his damnedest to piss off as many people as humanly possible. It would be one thing if he was just going to be a conservative commentator. Considering both his race and sexual orientation, it could actually be an interesting viewpoint. His inability to be consistent in his viewpoints has become tiresome, as has his attempts to “teach” people about things he clearly knows nothing about. Considering how his personal stock has dropped (I feel like Black Twitter drags him at least twice a week), it doesn’t even make sense to try and understand where he’s coming from.

If Don Lemon is trying to be controversial on purpose, it’s failed. On to the next one.


Am I The Only One Who Wants An *NSYNC Reunion?


The best thing about it was how unexpected it was, all of the feelings. Sure I heard the rumors and took them with a huge grain of salt, but it didn’t sink in until JC, Lance, Joey, and Chris came up on stage. Fifteen seconds into their 110-second performance, I officially lost my shit.

And I am not the least bit ashamed.

Now that it’s happened, the next question, of course, is, are we getting a reunion?

Chris Kirkpatrick, in a radio interview this morning, claims that there are no reunions plans, ever.

That sucks, because a short reunion, hell, even a one-off concert, would be everything.

The demand is there, considering how everyone lost their stuffing before and during the performance. I can guarantee that NONE of them besides JT are doing anything. Can you imagine a one-time only concert at Madison Square Garden, televised live on MTV or something? Forget One Direction, gown folks and teens would absolutely go nuts for nosebleed tickets to this thing.

I wouldn’t want a new album or anything (Backstreet Boys are proving why that is a really bad idea), but just a concert would be enough to satisfy everyone.

Especially after their criminally short reunion.

So Justin (because we all know he’s the one holding it up), I’m giving you a year. By September 2014, I want a goddamn announcement of the biggest concert ever.

And make sure Chris’s trap door works this time.


– B


Dear Stacey Dash: Until You Are 5% As Relevant As Oprah, Keep Your Mouth SHUT

Stacey Dash has opened her mouth, again. And this time, she took her unwarranted opinions to the highest celebrity power in the country.


Dash, best known for starring in Clueless and tweeting recklessly on Twitter, criticized Oprah for comparing Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin in an interview supporting her film The Butler.

You know, because the comparisons are completely unwarranted. Sigh.

Here’s my thing with Stacey Dash. It’s one thing to tweet support for the conservative party; that’s totally fine. It’s your politically ideology. But when you criticize a woman who has done nothing but OPEN DOORS for African Americans in media and entertainment (aka the industry you work in), you should have a little more respect and deference to them. ESPECIALLY when their comment wasn’t even wrong or stretch to begin with!

And plus, just to be petty, Oprah could literally buy her career ten times over, whatever’s left of it anyway, so please remain seated.


– B

Pokemon X & Y News: Ampharos Gets A Weave!


Doesn’t she look fierce?

Two months to go until the new Pokemon games come out, which means the information we’re getting is getting more and more insane.

Serebii.net revealed the last X&Y details for Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Besides some new Pokemon, they revealed a new type of form change called MegaEvolution. It’s not the same as regular evolution, but the exact details still aren’t clear yet. So far, five other Pokemon have been revealed to “evolve” this way:





And of course, the new form of Mewtwo (also known as Mewthree, or Majin Mew)

Of all of the new forms, Lucario looks the best. As expected; he is perfection anyway.

But Ampharos did just get a whole new weave. Oh, and it’s now classified as ELECTRIC/DRAGON in this form.


I officially need this game in my life.

– B