Video of the Week: It’s Only A Dollar, Beyonce!

Beyonce is an icon, which means that everything she does is up for scrutiny, even her choice of drink.

In her hit single “Drunk in Love” Beyonce proclaims proudly (or drunkenly) that she drinks watermelon. The woman above would like it known that she can drink watermelon just as good as she can, because, “it’s only a dollar, bitch!”

I watch this video at least three times a day, to ensure that I receive my daily healthy dose of laughs out loud.

Please click on the above video and get all of your life for the weekend!


Melyssa Ford Is Everything (And No, Not Because She’s a Video Model)

I had only heard of Melyssa Ford before in reference to her being someone urban blogs wrote about, which typically means that she’s really not famous at all and all of the attention on her is just wasted fingerstrokes. Essentially, I never bothered trying to learn more about her.

She is currently starring on Bravo’s new reality show Blood, Sweat, and Heels, and she stopped by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club to promote it.

Might I say that I regret not getting to know her earlier, because she is everything.

Yes, she is gorgeous, that’s a given. But she is also very intelligent, well-spoken, witty, funny, shady as all fuck, and can keep up with Charlamagne Tha God (who is the only reason why anyone really listens to The Breakfast Club, because he is also everything), and anyone who can do that is worthy of my interest. Seriously, she used “ostentatious” to describe ex-boyfriend Flo Rida. Who does that?

A flawless human being, that’s who.

If you are like me and didn’t know who Melyssa Ford was before today, watch this video and get into her (seriously, no pun intended).

This Video of a Dog and Fox Being Best Friends Almost Made Me Cry. Test Your Soul.

Maybe it’s because I am tired, or because I am desperately waiting for happy hour, but this video of a fox and a dog playing in the woods of Norway literally made me shed legitimate tears. Like, if someone had walked by, they should’ve been concerned.

Literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.

If you feel nothing after watching this video, you might need to check for a soul. Just saying.

Naomi Watts as Princess Diana? Sure, Why Not?

With the recent birth of Prince George and the anniversary of the car accident that took her life coming soon, Princess Diana is once again at the tip of everyone’s tongues, and magazine covers, like this month’s issue of Vanity Fair:

Coming along just in time to capitalize on the renewed interest in the Princess of Wales is the movie Diana, starring Oscar nominee Naomi Watts. The movie covers the last two years of Diana’s life, when she fell in love with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and was officially divorced from Prince Charles.

Playing a role as iconic as Princess Di is definitely a difficult task, but from the look of the trailer, she pulls it off quite nicely. Diana’s looks are almost impossible to recreate (no shade to Naomi), but she definitely has the mannerisms and the voice down pat. In fact, I haven’t seen an actor fit so easily into a biopic character since Michelle Williams played Marilyn Monroe a year or so back.

As a “fan” of the royal family, and especially Diana, I am definitely looking forward to this movie, and I think its safe to say that Naomi may get another shot at Mr. Oscar next year.

“Britney Spears” Covers Beyoncé’s Grown Woman… And It’s AMAZING

YouTube personality Chescaleigh was on this week’s episode of The Read podcast (also known as the best thing to ever happen to the Internet, so SUBSCRIBE NOW) and she decided to something super amazing.

She imitated Britney Spears singing Beyoncé’s not-sure-if single “Grown Woman.”

Get your life, because it’s not only spot-on, but also freaking hilarious.

I need a full version of this song, with a music video!

Alexander Wang’s Shopping Event Turns Fashionistas Into Cage Fighters (I Blame Jay Z and Kanye)

Have you ever heard the phrase “die for fashion”?

Well apparently these normally sane people live by it. Top fashion designer Alexander Wang drove people absolutely insane over a free giveaway event he held in NYC last month. We are just seeing the results of the mass hysteria, and I have to say, they are terrifyingly hilarious.

Here some of the GIFable moments, thanks to BuzzFeed:

Yes, this actually happened.

Yes, people are actually almost killing each other for clothes by Alexander Wang.

Free Alexander Wang.

Now I love myself a good fashion deal (I just dropped $50 online at Macy’s this morning, mind you), but this is absolutely ridiculous.

And hilarious.

Proceed to get all of your life for today, tomorrow, and even next Monday. I promise to do my part by reposting these GIFs at every possible opportunity.

Especially this one:

– B

Ego Video: This White Castle Completely Apes Pitch Perfect’s “Cups” Song, But It Made Me Really Want White Castle

White Castle burgers are naturally awesome, right? So you would think I wouldn’t need to be convinced to go buy some.

Lo and behold, while I was TV bingeing on Teen Wolf this morning, I came across White Castle’s new commercial, with a group of friends playing with cups.

Yes, I know that Pitch Perfect didn’t invent the cups-as-instruments thing, but come on. It’s a blatant play off of that, since the song is so huge (for reasons I don’t really understand).

That said, it really, really made me want White Castle. So guess what B will be having for lunch today?

Advertising does work.

Thanks Teen Wolf.


UPDATE: I never got my White Castle.

– B

Ego Video: One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” is the Gayest Music Video Since 1993 Take That And It’s Fantastic

One Direction, with their throng of obsessed teenage girl fans and their very homoerotic tendencies towards each other, have always been a bunch of cheeky bastards.

But they take it to a completely new level with their latest music video.

We’ve got Zayn in some very convincing drag with all of the boys (especially Harry) ogling the hell out of him, Harry dressed up as a nerd, Liam channeling Richard Simmons on steroids riding a unicorn, and all of the boys’ heads superimposed on the bodies of every boy band from old school Take That to European high heel-wearing Kazaky.

And let’s not forget that disturbing butt-shaking bit at the end (they could use some lessons from Miley).

It’s all fun, messy, satiric, and pretty fantastic.

I really appreciate people who don’t take themselves too seriously as artists. I mean, we’re already putting millions of dollars in your pocket, there’s no need to prattle on about your craft at awards shows (hey Bieber). Clearly and thankfully, the 1D boys are willing to have a laugh at their own expense (take notes, Bieber). I’m laughing with them. I was almost ready to download their new song, the single from their upcoming movie.

Almost. I decided to just Spotify it until I get tired of it. It’s not bad; I just can’t imagine it remaining on my iPhone past a week. Why waste the $1.29?

By the way, the song I’m referencing in the title is British boy band Take That’s iconic, infamous music video for 1993’s “Do What You Like,” which you can check below:

– B

Ego Videos: Doctor diagnoses woman with ‘ghetto booty’

This is sort of a ramble. I am unsure whether or not to laugh, cry or become militant because I do not tolerate sexism or racism, but this is too good to be true.

One thing is for sure though, I am feeling some type of way. 

Apparently the doctor searched the term like it’s in the King’s English dictionary or something, justifying what he said because according to his analysis the term doesn’t specify black or white women. Furthermore, he claims he wanted to make a technical term easier for the woman to understand. What is she stupid?

Really though, how is he just gonna diagnose someone with having ghetto booty? Moreover, how does one just come to the conclusion that this comment is appropriate. Telling someone they have a ghetto booty, except in extremely limited circumstances, is not a compliment. So, mmm, SMDH all day long!

That’s too much, America. That’s too much. I wish he said that to me. I wish. Because I’m crazy. I stay pressed.


Ego Video: Chinese Gymnastics Ballet

Here’s the situation. #Huffpost uploaded this unreal video to their site yesterday (snaps for HuffPo) and then my life changed.

These Chinese gymnasts/ballet dancers/cirque-du-soleil performers/future olympic champions #seeyounevergabbydouglas/flexible goddesses literally KILL IT and are so beyond gymnasty that it can’t be real.

Prepare to be awed. Prepare to be changed. And someone tell me how they are able to do FLIPS without using their hands?! OH AND HOW THEY CAN JUMP THREE FEET INTO THE AIR INTO A SPLIT AND NOT BE IN PAIN.