Pharrell’s Hat Won The Grammys

When I first saw Pharrell’s outrageously large hat on the E! Red Carpet, I wanted to snatch it off his head, set fire to it, and slap Pharrell for this egregious error in fashion.

As the night went on, it became clear that Pharrell’s hat was the best thing to happen at a considerably lackluster Grammy ceremony.

I mean, seriously, it was such an absurd hat, that no one else could pull off with same panache as him. It quickly ruled the social media conversation, with people comparing to everything from Smokey The Bear to the Arby’s hat logo. let me just put it like this: you know you’re winning when the Twitter handle for Arby’s has to respond:

Congrats to Pharrell for not only winning a boatload of Grammys, but for also winning the Internet with your stupid ass hat.

Praise aside, I do demand that any Best Dressed Man accolades awarded to Pharrell be stripped of him immediately, because he did look like a stinking hot mess.


Whoever Runs E!’s Fun Facts Feature At The Golden Globes Is About to Be Fired

E! is usually the go-to place for awards show red carpet coverage, because it is usually a hot ass mess.

Clearly nothing has changed, with awkward interviews and cheesy features like the “manicam” (which Elisabeth Moss just gave the middle finger, in a stroke of genius). However, E! just went into “offensive” territory with two awful entries into their “Fun Facts” feature:

It’s typically in really, really, REALLY bad taste to describe a tragic passing and a very serious, incurable illness as a “fun fact”. I’m pretty sure whoever is responsible for this will be receiving a pink slip come tomorrow morning…if not right now.