7th Heaven’s Mackenzie Rosman and Nick Jonas Prove How Thirsty The Internet Is

Remember little Ruthie on The WB’s wholesome 7th Heaven?

Remember mop-headed Nick Jonas back when he was relevant, before Justin Bieber snatched him out of the game?

Yeah, well they are both grown up and making everyone crazy with their bodies.

Rosman started the thirst when her Maxim spread was released a couple of days ago. It’s safe to say nobody was expecting the former child star to be holding so much, mmfph, for lack of a better word (that wouldn’t be disrespectful).

Then, almost automatically, Nick Jonas took to Instagram to reveal his new, gym-minted torso (with arguably the worst Instagram filter in history). Regardless of the blinding effect, the pic sent Twitter, and subsequently the Internet, into a completely and utter frenzy of lust. Hell, even Neil Patrick Harris chimed in (which, considering their ages, is more than a little inappropriate).

Anyway, kudos to Mackenzie and Nick for making everyone feel like they are probably going to jail for cradle-robbing.

Yes, I know they are both of age, but come on. You know damn well there is a part of you that remembers them like this:

Yup, we’re all going to hell.

But what a way to go….

– B