Video of the Week: It’s Only A Dollar, Beyonce!

Beyonce is an icon, which means that everything she does is up for scrutiny, even her choice of drink.

In her hit single “Drunk in Love” Beyonce proclaims proudly (or drunkenly) that she drinks watermelon. The woman above would like it known that she can drink watermelon just as good as she can, because, “it’s only a dollar, bitch!”

I watch this video at least three times a day, to ensure that I receive my daily healthy dose of laughs out loud.

Please click on the above video and get all of your life for the weekend!


“Britney Spears” Covers Beyoncé’s Grown Woman… And It’s AMAZING

YouTube personality Chescaleigh was on this week’s episode of The Read podcast (also known as the best thing to ever happen to the Internet, so SUBSCRIBE NOW) and she decided to something super amazing.

She imitated Britney Spears singing Beyoncé’s not-sure-if single “Grown Woman.”

Get your life, because it’s not only spot-on, but also freaking hilarious.

I need a full version of this song, with a music video!