Kanye, Stop Trying To Make Kim Kardashian Happen

So Kanye West is mad about something, again.

The Huffington Post reported that the egomaniac rapper has confronted American Vogue editor Anna Wintour over her decision to place Lena Dunham on the cover instead of his fiancee Kim Kardashian. According to him, Kim has long deserved to be on the cover, and that she is just as talented, if not moreso, than Lena Dunham, a multiple Emmy nominee and critically acclaimed writer and actress.

Um, ok?

It really boggles my mind just how disconnected from reality Kanye West is. The reality of the situation is this: Kim Kardashian is not Vogue material, at least not now. She has done nothing to even put her name in the conversation of cover subjects for Vogue, and no, being a reality TV star does not count, and neither does hawking downmarket clothing for Sears.

Call it snobbery if you want, but Vogue is an incredibly influential high fashion magazine that is aimed at a particular audience. Kim Kardashian does not cater to that audience at all. She is a tabloid queen, not a high fashion model or actress or singer or someone with talent worthy of being highlighted. Anna Wintour putting Kim on the cover, just because Kanye thinks she should, would be a disaster for the magazine.

Now, that’s not to say that Kim will never be a worthy Vogue candidate. I mean, look at Victoria Beckham, a Spice Girl-turned-fashion design icon. But right now, Kim is the poster child for everything that’s currently wrong with our celeb-obsessed society and Anna Wintour is way too smart to ever consider Kim for the cover of such an influential magazine, no matter how many proclamations Kanye West makes.

So all I have to say is this, good sir Kanye:

But replace fetch with Kim.

– B


PokeLogic: Wonder Trade Is The Best Feature of Pokemon X and Y


Imagine if every day you exchanged gifts from someone miles and miles away. It could be something awesome, like an iPad, or something sucky, like a stick of gum. But isn’t the uncertainty of it all fun?

That is why Wonder Trade is, in my humble opinion (yeah right), the best new feature in Pokemon X and Y? Why bring it up three months after the game’s release, you ask? Because I just restarted Pokemon X and have realized how unintentionally awesome Wonder Trade is when you are just starting out the game.

For example, in one trade, I received a level one Goomy, a Dragon type you don’t see until much later in the game. It was in my team for a good while, but I boxed in place of Skiddo (I wanted Gogoat, because of the cartoon; sue me). I also received a level one Fletching with Gale Wings (an amazing Ability by the way) but traded it away because I didn’t realize what Gale Wings did until I read it on Serebii.net. Dumb mistake.

You know what else I received through Wonder Trade? A Chimchar. A freaking Chimchar. You know, the one that evolves into the ass-kicking Infernape? That one.

In case you are wondering, no I am not cheating and using overleveled Pokemon that I’ve received to power through the game. I either re-trade them or box them for breeding later. I’m not an asshole.

Wonder Trade, and the whole revamped Internet system as a whole, is an amazing addition to the Pokemon game series that adds many more hours of gameplay to game that is painfully short. I mean, it’s either this or spending every waking moment feeding your Mewtwo PokePuffs and watch him not give a single fuck about it. Well, you can still do that, it’s kind of amusing.

Keep tuned for more of my Pokemon exploits with the PokeLogic tag!

– B

Dear Don Lemon (Again), You Are Officially Boring

I really don’t understand Don Lemon anymore.

And no, it’s not because many of his comments have essentially thrown the black community under the bus. Okay, it’s a little bit of that. What’s really frustrating about Don Lemon is that he is so damn bipolar about his messages. He doesn’t straddle the fence; he freaking leaps back and forth over the fence like a horse that’s been shot up with steroids instead of tranquilizers.

Look no further than his comments on the Tom Joyner Show, where he conceded that Stop and Frisk, the controversial New York law that has historically targeted people of color as potential perpetrators of crime, could be and has been abused by police officers. Then, he goes on to say it’s a necessary evil, arguing, in the most shockingly asinine way, “would you rather be politically correct or safe?”

Excuse me?

How do you say in one breath that the law is messed up, and then argue its necessity in the next? It’s almost as if he is trying his damnedest to piss off as many people as humanly possible. It would be one thing if he was just going to be a conservative commentator. Considering both his race and sexual orientation, it could actually be an interesting viewpoint. His inability to be consistent in his viewpoints has become tiresome, as has his attempts to “teach” people about things he clearly knows nothing about. Considering how his personal stock has dropped (I feel like Black Twitter drags him at least twice a week), it doesn’t even make sense to try and understand where he’s coming from.

If Don Lemon is trying to be controversial on purpose, it’s failed. On to the next one.


Am I The Only One Who Wants An *NSYNC Reunion?


The best thing about it was how unexpected it was, all of the feelings. Sure I heard the rumors and took them with a huge grain of salt, but it didn’t sink in until JC, Lance, Joey, and Chris came up on stage. Fifteen seconds into their 110-second performance, I officially lost my shit.

And I am not the least bit ashamed.

Now that it’s happened, the next question, of course, is, are we getting a reunion?

Chris Kirkpatrick, in a radio interview this morning, claims that there are no reunions plans, ever.

That sucks, because a short reunion, hell, even a one-off concert, would be everything.

The demand is there, considering how everyone lost their stuffing before and during the performance. I can guarantee that NONE of them besides JT are doing anything. Can you imagine a one-time only concert at Madison Square Garden, televised live on MTV or something? Forget One Direction, gown folks and teens would absolutely go nuts for nosebleed tickets to this thing.

I wouldn’t want a new album or anything (Backstreet Boys are proving why that is a really bad idea), but just a concert would be enough to satisfy everyone.

Especially after their criminally short reunion.

So Justin (because we all know he’s the one holding it up), I’m giving you a year. By September 2014, I want a goddamn announcement of the biggest concert ever.

And make sure Chris’s trap door works this time.


– B


Pokemon X & Y News: Ampharos Gets A Weave!


Doesn’t she look fierce?

Two months to go until the new Pokemon games come out, which means the information we’re getting is getting more and more insane.

Serebii.net revealed the last X&Y details for Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Besides some new Pokemon, they revealed a new type of form change called MegaEvolution. It’s not the same as regular evolution, but the exact details still aren’t clear yet. So far, five other Pokemon have been revealed to “evolve” this way:





And of course, the new form of Mewtwo (also known as Mewthree, or Majin Mew)

Of all of the new forms, Lucario looks the best. As expected; he is perfection anyway.

But Ampharos did just get a whole new weave. Oh, and it’s now classified as ELECTRIC/DRAGON in this form.


I officially need this game in my life.

– B

When Did Forbes Become a Thing?

I wouldn’t be an honest ego if I didn’t admit to checking our blog stats every day.

Like seriously, every day.

And by an large the most popular post we’ve written in the last three weeks was about Forbes’s article about twenty-somethings and why we suck at life.

OK, technically it’s just tips about how to better manage your post-graduate life, but still, we do kind of suck at life, at least I do, considering how many things I’ve actually been doing wrong (you can check that post here).

But who knew Forbes, the magazine I know for publishing the wealthiest celebrity list that gets all of the fanbases in a tizzy, would capture the attention of my generation so easily?

It turns out that Forbes actually has some amazing articles that are and aren’t about twenty-somethings. Yesterday, when I was doing nothing at work, I decided to peruse the website more. I figured I would find a bunch of financial junk that would bore me to tears, but I found some really fascinating articles, like one describing in detail how Connecticut fell into destitution (particularly interesting since I just left CT). Sure there are also boring financial articles around (or not boring, if you’re into that kind of thing), but it is really surprising how relevant I found Forbes to be to my life. Maybe it’s because I’m just starting my professional career, or that the direction of the articles have changed from the past, but I am definitely enjoying popping by their website once or twice a day.

I would definitely recommend reading an article or two to see what you think.

Naomi Watts as Princess Diana? Sure, Why Not?

With the recent birth of Prince George and the anniversary of the car accident that took her life coming soon, Princess Diana is once again at the tip of everyone’s tongues, and magazine covers, like this month’s issue of Vanity Fair:

Coming along just in time to capitalize on the renewed interest in the Princess of Wales is the movie Diana, starring Oscar nominee Naomi Watts. The movie covers the last two years of Diana’s life, when she fell in love with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and was officially divorced from Prince Charles.

Playing a role as iconic as Princess Di is definitely a difficult task, but from the look of the trailer, she pulls it off quite nicely. Diana’s looks are almost impossible to recreate (no shade to Naomi), but she definitely has the mannerisms and the voice down pat. In fact, I haven’t seen an actor fit so easily into a biopic character since Michelle Williams played Marilyn Monroe a year or so back.

As a “fan” of the royal family, and especially Diana, I am definitely looking forward to this movie, and I think its safe to say that Naomi may get another shot at Mr. Oscar next year.

Chris Brown Threatens To Quit Music Because He “Mistakenly” Beat Up Rihanna And People Are Still Mad About It

Chris Brown is upset that the general public has morals and a sense of right and wrong

This morning, pop star Chris Brown went to Twitter to complain about how the mainstream media has treated him since that infamous 2008 incident where he beat the crap out of Rihanna. He claimed that his upcoming album would be his last, because he is tired of being famous for a “mistake.”

The “mistake” being beating up Rihanna, his girlfriend.

This (which is a lot less graphic than what we’ve seen) is the mistake he was referring to:

Excuse me?

THIS is the main reason why people haven’t gotten over his assault, even if its been five years. The mere fact that Chris believes that his very deliberate domestic assault of his girlfriend was a “mistake” instead of a vicious act of violence (which it is, by the way) is problematic. It is proof that, after all of this time, he still doesn’t understand what happened and he sure as hell hasn’t taken responsibility for what happened.

But that’s not even the big issue of his “retirement” message.

Chris Brown had the pure, unmitigated gall to basically say his career was ruined by the incident. I’m sorry, what dimension is he living in? Obviously not the one where he won a Grammy for a sub-standard album, or the sold-out tours, or the hit singles, or the award performances, or the delusional fans who still excuse his assault to this day. He should’ve seen his career sink down to Atlantis, but by the grace of God (and his fans, I guess), he still managed to sell singles, albums, and concert tickets. Sure, he hasn’t seen the success of “Forever,” but he should be lucky that the industry didn’t completely blacklist him after beating the crap out of America’s pop princess.

Let’s also not forget all of his messy behavior after the fact, like throwing a chair out of the Good Morning America studios, or the continuing saga of his threesome relationship with Rihanna and Karreuche Tran, or threatening a valet because they charged him $10. He is literally the biggest mess in music (besides Justin Bieber, of course), and he has no shame about it.

So, after all of that, his successes in spite of everything he’s done, the criminal and the douchey and the intersection between the two, he has the nerve to complain?

Newsflash Chris Brown; you’re a multi-millionaire pop star who committed a terrible act of domestic violence and yet you still have girls on your jock like it’s nobody’s business (pun intended; brownie points if you know what I’m talking about). You should be skipping through a flowerbed of daisies over the success you’ve been able to have. Instead, you’re going to threaten to quit music and punish your fans?

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Breezy.

Oprah on The N-Word: “No One In Their Right Mind Would Try It!”


Oprah Winfrey has always been a fairly humble human being about her insurmountable status as an American billionaire icon (the status of OWN be damned).

However, as she promotes her new film The Butler, she is making it known, in case people have forgotten, that she is an American billionaire icon and she has no time for your bull or your feelings.

On Entertainment Tonight, Oprah spoke about race relations in America, particularly how Paula Deen, who she interviewed last year, was concerned. As you recall, Deen saw her empire crumble upon her admittance to using the N-word regularly.

Oprah said this about the N-word:

“Nobody in their right mind is going to call me the N-word. You know, you see those fools on Twitter sometime say ridiculous things. But nobody in their right mind is going to do that to my face, because true racism is being able to have power over somebody else. So that doesn’t happen to me that way.”

Basically, Oprah has no time for your ignorance or racism, because she could buy all of us three times over and still have enough left over to build another school in Africa to aid young girls.

Of course, I doubt Oprah means it the way I’m interpreting it (although I would give her my paycheck to say “fuck your feelings” to somebody), but it is nice to see someone who truly worked her way from nothing to become a global institution claim the hell out of it (so eff you, Rae Dawn Chong).

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/oprah-winfrey-finally-comments-on-paula-deens-n-word-controversy-201368#ixzz2bDC1h9SG
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Ego Ramble: When Did High-Top Fades Start Happening Again, and Can It Stop?

I was told this man was responsible…..

As a 90’s baby (or bitch, depending on whether I’m listening to Icona Pop that day), I believe that the decade of my birth was pretty awesome.

I also believe that there are some things that should stay in the 90s, because there is just no reason for them.

Like high-top fades.

I feel like 75% of black men in New York have been engaging in a House Party movie marathon, with all of the high-tops that I see on the bus, on the train, on the street, in McDonald’s, everywhere. It’s literally like I walked into a Boyz II Men video from 1992.

Guess what, everyone? Boyz II Men are making Old Navy commercials.

And NOBODY knows where Kid (from House Partyis, although I’m sure he’s not rocking a high-top fade.

That should say enough.

Can we all get a grip on some clippers and get back to the real world?


– B