People Really Do Too Much with Lena Dunham

This week, Jezebel offered $10,000 for the un-retouched photos from Lena Dunham’s Vogue photo shoot. Apparently, somebody just got a nice check in the mail, because the photos were published on the website this morning (in GIF form, no less), with annotations marking what exact edits were made to the photos.


I get that there has been this big stink about Lena Dunham’s looks ever since she burst onto the scene with Girls (shameless plug: I just wrote a post about my shameful love of that show on my other blog When Things Go Pop!), from her tattoos to all of the nudity on her show. At the end of the day, it’s quite obvious to everyone that Lena Dunham is not a supermodel, nor does she even try to pass herself off as one. However, when she tries, she can actually pull off a glamorous look. Even though it could’ve been a different color, I liked her dress at the Golden Globes last weekend. And her Vogue pictures are really good.

So why would anyone go through the trouble of trying to prove that she is a physical mess?

I would be supremely insulted if someone actually paid money to get unretouched photos of myself, in an effort to prove that the magazine needed to edit me. Newsflash: everyone is Photoshopped to look their best. It’s really not that big of a deal. And in the specific case of Lena Dunham, everyone knows who Lena Dunham is and what she looks like, so it’s not like Vogue was trying to hide anything.

Lena Dunham looked great in Vogue; let her live!

– B


Bradley Cooper Is Pressed About Losing to Jared Leto

I really like Bradley Cooper a lot, but he really didn’t have a shot in hell of winning, especially with Jared Leto and Michael Fassbender in the same category.

Still, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be super duper steam pressed about it.

And thankfully, the Golden Globe cameras caught it!

In a night full of hot mess (which I will recap tomorrow on my other blog When Things Go Pop!), this is something i am still screaming about:

These are GIFs of Lupita Nyong’o Destroying Everyone at the 2014 Golden Globes

In case you might have missed it, Lupita Nyong’o has everyone talking about her absolutely stunning Golden Globes dress. The 12 Years a Slave actress is wearing Ralph Lauren and killing everyone. Here are some GIFs to commemorate her crowning as a style icon:

Absolutely flawless.

B’s Reaction to Peter Capaldi is The 12th Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor….

The BBC announced today that the new star of Doctor Who will be Peter Capaldi.

Also known as Mr. Frobisher from Torchwood: Children of Earth.

If you are familiar with that series, you know exactly why I am freaking the freak out at the moment.

He was the man who executed his entire family, himself included, to stop the 456 from taking control of his children.

He was a part of the nervous breakdown that entire series was.

This is me at the moment.

Fuck my feelings.

– B

Funny Random Cat Faces are Funny


So my mom and I were unpacking the car after doing some food shopping and White Castle eating when I turned around and saw a cat right behind us.

He was observing.

Then he started cleaning himself.

If my mom didn’t distract me, there would be an Instagram video.

Instead, here is an Instagram picture of this random cat making a random cat face.

Because cats literally run the Internet.

If you want more random moments from our lives, follow us on Instagram at @weareegorich.

Maybe the cat will come back to our parking lot and do more random cat things.

– B

Ego GIFs: Iris’s Dragonite Doesn’t Care about Your Feelings

Watching Pokémon through a young adult’s eye is truly a wonderful experience (minus the painful dialogue and complete lack of logic from Ash, even though he’s been on his journey for nearly 20 YEARS).

What’s so awesome about watching Pokémon as an adult.

You realize that the Pokémon have more personality than their trainers.

For instance, Iris’s Dragonite is pretty much flawless because he is consistently over it all of the time.

Ugh, you’re so stupid

Are you coming? I have places to be

You suck at this

I’m bored

*roll eyes*


The moral of this story? When you are a part of the iconic original 150, your feelings DO NOT MATTER!

Alexander Wang’s Shopping Event Turns Fashionistas Into Cage Fighters (I Blame Jay Z and Kanye)

Have you ever heard the phrase “die for fashion”?

Well apparently these normally sane people live by it. Top fashion designer Alexander Wang drove people absolutely insane over a free giveaway event he held in NYC last month. We are just seeing the results of the mass hysteria, and I have to say, they are terrifyingly hilarious.

Here some of the GIFable moments, thanks to BuzzFeed:

Yes, this actually happened.

Yes, people are actually almost killing each other for clothes by Alexander Wang.

Free Alexander Wang.

Now I love myself a good fashion deal (I just dropped $50 online at Macy’s this morning, mind you), but this is absolutely ridiculous.

And hilarious.

Proceed to get all of your life for today, tomorrow, and even next Monday. I promise to do my part by reposting these GIFs at every possible opportunity.

Especially this one:

– B

Four Images That Prove That Lady Gaga Loves Trolling Her Fans (But We’re All Going to Buy ARTPOP Anyway)

So this evening, pop music titan Lady Gaga unveiled the cover art for “Applause,” the lead single from her upcoming album ARTPOP.

Everyone was expecting the artwork to look like the following three images:

The promo that launched it all

The promo that launched it all

Or this one, released last week:

Gaga sits on computer chip....throne?

Gaga sits on computer chip….throne?

Or how about this one, from this afternoon?



The image, which was unveiled by fashion trade magazine Women’s Wear Daily, complete with an interview, was this:


One of these things is not like the other.

Gaga is the queen of epic trolling.

And her new single “Applause” will be out on August 19th, along with the pre-order for ARTPOP the album and the app.

Don’t even bother lying; you will be downloading it at midnight.

But still…

Kind of, yeah…

– B


Who Ever Did This to Eva Mendes Should Be Shot

I don’t care what this is for. I don’t care about the TV show.

All I care about is finding out who is responsible for the catastrophe that is Eva Mendes’ usually gorgeous face on this poster.

Apparently this is for some new HBO show called Clear History.

But all I know is that this poster, intentional or not, is tantamount to a state of emergency.

Whoever is responsible for this tragedy should be held responsible, either through termination or public stoning. Either would suffice, honestly.