I Love Apple, But iTunes Sucks

All I wanted to do was add one, freaking, song.

This morning, I downloaded Marc Cohn’s “Walking on Memphis” on my laptop (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post) and I obviously wanted it on my iPhone for my morning commute. One song added to an iPhone: sounds like a quick, easy task, right?

Nope, because iTunes is a vortex of suck wrapped in software.

I tried syncing my iPhone over Wi-Fi, and everything seemed to be going just fine, until the sync stopped at the dreaded “Waiting for changes to be applied” stage. Sometimes, and I really mean rarely, it is a simple, harmless message that precedes the syncing of my music. Most of the time, though, it just stays there, forever. Or until it just times out and nothing is added at all.

Anyway, I canceled the Wi-Fi sync and tried syncing via my USB cable. This time, the sync worked, except for one tiny issue: more than half of my music had to be re-added to my iPhone. It was a process that effectively made me late for work this morning.

Seriously, how can iTunes literally snatch out half of my music library, just because I wanted to add one damn song? And what exactly does “waiting for changes to be applied” mean? The change is add my damn music, not delete half my library! The crazy thing is, this isn’t even the first time I’ve had to deal with this! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

It boggles my mind how a company that prides itself on ease of use can allow a software product that is just a disastrous flop to still exist. Either kill iTunes and rewrite from the ground up (which might just make too much sense) or fix these damn issues.


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