It’s 2014: Can We All Be Over Justin Bieber Now?


News outlets last week reported that Justin Bieber’s second concert documentary (quick side note for another blog post: why does he need a second documentary in the first place?) was a humongous flop. It seemed like a fitting ending to a year where Justin thought it was totally fine to pee in a mop bucket, call a fan a beached whale, and generally dress like a complete douchebag.

So, is he over in 2014? Let’s take a look.

Justin spent most of his time in the headlines for his behavior, like suggesting Holocaust figure Anne Frank would’ve been a fan of his (easily the stupidest, most self-absorbed comment made all year). Unfortunately, for him and for us, Bieber’s antics were wholly upstaged by Miley Cyrus. Hell, we’re still talking about her twerkfest at the VMAs. If Bieber thought he could force his way into celeb adulthood with some headline grabbing, he was sadly mistaken. Compared to Miley’s wrecking ball riding, everything he did, even a random visit to a Brazilian brothel, seemed boring and desperate.

What about the music? Well, to his credit, Bieber launched his Music Mondays series on iTunes, where he released a new song ever Monday for 13 weeks. It was certainly a different approach to releasing music in these leak-prone days, and all of the singles landed at the top of iTunes, but none really had any staying power. And his innovative strategy has been upstaged by Beyoncé’s now iconic surprise album release. As for Bieber’s place in the pop world, it’s pretty safe to say that One Direction has caught up with him. To everyone’s surprise (or maybe just mine) “Story of My Life” is seeing huge success on pop radio and their very good album Midnight Memories is selling like hotcakes.

Don’t get me completely wrong; although I find Justin Bieber absolutely abhorrent, I can certainly recognize his success and popularity. I can also recognize that he has basically squandered any goodwill he’s been offered in order to behave like a complete idiot. His rabid fan base notwithstanding, Justin Bieber is on the very cusp of being over in a larger scale. Out-scandalized by Miley and outperformed by One Direction, Justin really needs to take a chill pill, put a shirt on, and go back to the drawing board if he wants to survive in 2014.

Or he can keep going the way he is and I don’t have to deal with him in pop culture anymore; whatever floats his boat.

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber? Done, or just getting started?


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