Dear Don Lemon (Again), You Are Officially Boring

I really don’t understand Don Lemon anymore.

And no, it’s not because many of his comments have essentially thrown the black community under the bus. Okay, it’s a little bit of that. What’s really frustrating about Don Lemon is that he is so damn bipolar about his messages. He doesn’t straddle the fence; he freaking leaps back and forth over the fence like a horse that’s been shot up with steroids instead of tranquilizers.

Look no further than his comments on the Tom Joyner Show, where he conceded that Stop and Frisk, the controversial New York law that has historically targeted people of color as potential perpetrators of crime, could be and has been abused by police officers. Then, he goes on to say it’s a necessary evil, arguing, in the most shockingly asinine way, “would you rather be politically correct or safe?”

Excuse me?

How do you say in one breath that the law is messed up, and then argue its necessity in the next? It’s almost as if he is trying his damnedest to piss off as many people as humanly possible. It would be one thing if he was just going to be a conservative commentator. Considering both his race and sexual orientation, it could actually be an interesting viewpoint. His inability to be consistent in his viewpoints has become tiresome, as has his attempts to “teach” people about things he clearly knows nothing about. Considering how his personal stock has dropped (I feel like Black Twitter drags him at least twice a week), it doesn’t even make sense to try and understand where he’s coming from.

If Don Lemon is trying to be controversial on purpose, it’s failed. On to the next one.



One thought on “Dear Don Lemon (Again), You Are Officially Boring

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