Ego Ramble: So… about Kerry Washington’s SNL Appearance…..

We’re back!

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but now that all of the crazy in (at least my) life has calmed down a bit, I finally have the nerve and energy to start blogging again!

So, about Saturday Night Live this past weekend…

Kerry Washington (aka Olivia Pope from Scandal, and veritable queen of our lives) hosted SNL this past weekend. From a purely objective standpoint, it was a decent show with some genuinely funny moments (the “Fox” spoof wins top marks by far) and some not-so-funny moments. Pretty much the case with all SNL episodes.

However, I couldn’t help but notice how SNL pretty much used the opportunity of Kerry Washington being there to tell every possible black girl joke that exists, and by the third skit, I was kind of annoyed.

I will say that I missed the cold open, so I didn’t see the “disclaimer”, which was really funny, but I think the point still stands. My thing is, even if SNL was making fun of themselves for their lack of black women on the show, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have Kerry play anybody else besides the hoodrat, the angry black woman, the black intellectual, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and etc. What makes KW and her smash hit show Scandal so special is that race, while an important factor, doesn’t drive the show, it just exists as a fact of life.

To me, SNL pretty much relegated Kerry Washington to the opposite side of that spectrum, which was pretty annoying with it being hammered in with every sketch (except for that god awful cartoon game show skit).

Congrats to Kerry for a doing a great job with so-so material. SNL, I think it’s time you start expanding your recruiting efforts a bit.


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