Google’s New Inbox Is Changing Lives

I will freely admit it: I am an Apple fanboy, a stan even.

But last week, I did something that would normally have me burned at the stake by the Apple community.

I officially removed my Gmail account from Apple’s Mail app.

Why? So I can use the Gmail iOS app, and use Gmail’s amazeballs Inbox.

Gmail now automatically sorts your emails into specific categories, from Primary to Promotions to Updates to Social and whatever else you can think of.

It’s genius.

Once I discovered the feature was turned on in my inbox, I realized how completely changed my email experience was. No longer did I have to sort through 30 emails of Facebook updates and Macy’s flyers to find stuff I really wanted. And once I got through the important emails, I found myself actually perusing the other tabs to find out what the “junk” was.

For someone who barely found use in Gmail, especially in college, I became almost obsessed with my Inbox, and I decided that Google literally made Apple’s Mail app irrelevant in my life.

What was really funny was Macy’s emailing me to beg for a spot in my Primary Inbox.

Sorry Macy’s, and Facebook, but you are staying in your neat little tab. I’ll get to you in a minute.


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