Am I The Only One Who Wants An *NSYNC Reunion?


The best thing about it was how unexpected it was, all of the feelings. Sure I heard the rumors and took them with a huge grain of salt, but it didn’t sink in until JC, Lance, Joey, and Chris came up on stage. Fifteen seconds into their 110-second performance, I officially lost my shit.

And I am not the least bit ashamed.

Now that it’s happened, the next question, of course, is, are we getting a reunion?

Chris Kirkpatrick, in a radio interview this morning, claims that there are no reunions plans, ever.

That sucks, because a short reunion, hell, even a one-off concert, would be everything.

The demand is there, considering how everyone lost their stuffing before and during the performance. I can guarantee that NONE of them besides JT are doing anything. Can you imagine a one-time only concert at Madison Square Garden, televised live on MTV or something? Forget One Direction, gown folks and teens would absolutely go nuts for nosebleed tickets to this thing.

I wouldn’t want a new album or anything (Backstreet Boys are proving why that is a really bad idea), but just a concert would be enough to satisfy everyone.

Especially after their criminally short reunion.

So Justin (because we all know he’s the one holding it up), I’m giving you a year. By September 2014, I want a goddamn announcement of the biggest concert ever.

And make sure Chris’s trap door works this time.


– B



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