Maybe Anthony Weiner has a point…

Okay so the man sexts. You know that you have sexted in your life too so first of all everyone who judges him are hypocrites. Yes, he cheated (kind of) on his wife but that’s not the point. He’s got baggage–so does everyone else.

But I think that this man is crazy. He’s delusional, he’s remarkably secure for a man with his reputation and may have multiple personality disorder–BUT–he is also a genius and maybe has a point.

In so many of his press conferences he has reiterated the point that his personal life should not determine his effectiveness as a policy maker and that his personal life should not define his ability as a public leader. That’s why he hasn’t dropped out of the race.

For me, I think he’s on to something. Why does a man or woman’s quirky habits have to define his ability to do good for the public? Morals yeah yeah yeah whatever. Men and women who don’t cheat on their wives or husbands or sext or anything do things which are bad too. They cut deals with big bad corporate companies and perpetuate some of bad politics that run our country today.

So maybe Anthony Weiner has a point. He’s made some mistakes, he’s embarassed himself and his family but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be a good public policy maker. Unless he takes money from wall street guys I don’t think I am going to judge him solely on his personal ish. He’s a  trooper and we should give him that.


What do you think?




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