This Is What Mega Lucario Looks Like When He’s Coming For Your Blood

Following yesterday’s leak via CoroCoro, the Pokemon Company has officially released information confirming Mega Evolution and how they work.

It’s an in-battle only mechanic that only some Pokemon can access via a special stone. Lucario’s stone is Lucarionite, and Blaziken’s stone is Blazikenite (they could’ve come up with better names, but eh). After the battle is over, the Megas go back to being normal Pokemon. Basically, its like Super Saiyan for Pokemon, which is kind of cool.

Although we’ve seen, via CoroCoro, evolutions for Absol, Mawile, and Ampharos, we only have official artwork for Blaziken and Lucario, and it looks even better than the leak.

Like seriously, just get into Lucario’s new spikes, his red feet, his huge bushy tail, his flowing head things, and that look that says “welcome to the end of your life.”

This is what Lucario and his Mega form look like, side-by-side:

Freaking slayage. FREAKING DAMN SLAYAGE!

And for those who are here for Blaziken, here is his form in clear form:

Not as much slayage, but pretty awesome regardless.

Pokemon X & Y come out on October 12th worldwide.


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