When Did Forbes Become a Thing?

I wouldn’t be an honest ego if I didn’t admit to checking our blog stats every day.

Like seriously, every day.

And by an large the most popular post we’ve written in the last three weeks was about Forbes’s article about twenty-somethings and why we suck at life.

OK, technically it’s just tips about how to better manage your post-graduate life, but still, we do kind of suck at life, at least I do, considering how many things I’ve actually been doing wrong (you can check that post here).

But who knew Forbes, the magazine I know for publishing the wealthiest celebrity list that gets all of the fanbases in a tizzy, would capture the attention of my generation so easily?

It turns out that Forbes actually has some amazing articles that are and aren’t about twenty-somethings. Yesterday, when I was doing nothing at work, I decided to peruse the website more. I figured I would find a bunch of financial junk that would bore me to tears, but I found some really fascinating articles, like one describing in detail how Connecticut fell into destitution (particularly interesting since I just left CT). Sure there are also boring financial articles around (or not boring, if you’re into that kind of thing), but it is really surprising how relevant I found Forbes to be to my life. Maybe it’s because I’m just starting my professional career, or that the direction of the articles have changed from the past, but I am definitely enjoying popping by their website once or twice a day.

I would definitely recommend reading an article or two to see what you think.


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