Chris Brown Threatens To Quit Music Because He “Mistakenly” Beat Up Rihanna And People Are Still Mad About It

Chris Brown is upset that the general public has morals and a sense of right and wrong

This morning, pop star Chris Brown went to Twitter to complain about how the mainstream media has treated him since that infamous 2008 incident where he beat the crap out of Rihanna. He claimed that his upcoming album would be his last, because he is tired of being famous for a “mistake.”

The “mistake” being beating up Rihanna, his girlfriend.

This (which is a lot less graphic than what we’ve seen) is the mistake he was referring to:

Excuse me?

THIS is the main reason why people haven’t gotten over his assault, even if its been five years. The mere fact that Chris believes that his very deliberate domestic assault of his girlfriend was a “mistake” instead of a vicious act of violence (which it is, by the way) is problematic. It is proof that, after all of this time, he still doesn’t understand what happened and he sure as hell hasn’t taken responsibility for what happened.

But that’s not even the big issue of his “retirement” message.

Chris Brown had the pure, unmitigated gall to basically say his career was ruined by the incident. I’m sorry, what dimension is he living in? Obviously not the one where he won a Grammy for a sub-standard album, or the sold-out tours, or the hit singles, or the award performances, or the delusional fans who still excuse his assault to this day. He should’ve seen his career sink down to Atlantis, but by the grace of God (and his fans, I guess), he still managed to sell singles, albums, and concert tickets. Sure, he hasn’t seen the success of “Forever,” but he should be lucky that the industry didn’t completely blacklist him after beating the crap out of America’s pop princess.

Let’s also not forget all of his messy behavior after the fact, like throwing a chair out of the Good Morning America studios, or the continuing saga of his threesome relationship with Rihanna and Karreuche Tran, or threatening a valet because they charged him $10. He is literally the biggest mess in music (besides Justin Bieber, of course), and he has no shame about it.

So, after all of that, his successes in spite of everything he’s done, the criminal and the douchey and the intersection between the two, he has the nerve to complain?

Newsflash Chris Brown; you’re a multi-millionaire pop star who committed a terrible act of domestic violence and yet you still have girls on your jock like it’s nobody’s business (pun intended; brownie points if you know what I’m talking about). You should be skipping through a flowerbed of daisies over the success you’ve been able to have. Instead, you’re going to threaten to quit music and punish your fans?

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Breezy.


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