Ego Ramble: When Did High-Top Fades Start Happening Again, and Can It Stop?

I was told this man was responsible…..

As a 90’s baby (or bitch, depending on whether I’m listening to Icona Pop that day), I believe that the decade of my birth was pretty awesome.

I also believe that there are some things that should stay in the 90s, because there is just no reason for them.

Like high-top fades.

I feel like 75% of black men in New York have been engaging in a House Party movie marathon, with all of the high-tops that I see on the bus, on the train, on the street, in McDonald’s, everywhere. It’s literally like I walked into a Boyz II Men video from 1992.

Guess what, everyone? Boyz II Men are making Old Navy commercials.

And NOBODY knows where Kid (from House Partyis, although I’m sure he’s not rocking a high-top fade.

That should say enough.

Can we all get a grip on some clippers and get back to the real world?


– B


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