Ego Reflection: Amanda Bynes Was Always Mentally Unstable, But No One Cared

Up until about a year or so ago, Amanda Bynes seemed to be a pretty well-adjusted former child star.

Sure, she was no Raven-Symone, but she surely wasn’t Lindsay Lohan either, praise God.

Then, it all went south randomly.

She got those weird cheek piercings, attacked the Obamas and Drake on Twitter, trashed hotel rooms and wore the single worst wigs in human history.

It was pretty clear, to me at least, that something wasn’t completely right in Bynes’s cranium, even though she insisted everything was okay. The media ate it up, giving her more media coverage than she saw when she was actually famous. The general public, thirsty for a public meltdown now that Charlie Sheen is chilling at FX, ignored the warning signs that something was seriously wrong with this girl. Some even thought that she was trolling all of us, making some grandiose point about the state of celebrity.

Now she’s on a 5150 psychiatric hold and has been diagnosed (kind of) as a schizophrenic, after starting a fire in a neighbor’s driveway. She’s apparently responding to medication and doing much better.

Thankfully she’s getting treatment, but it took way too long. I feel like there were not enough people questioning her behavior and calling for her to get a serious psychiatric evaluation, preferring instead to watch her unravel until it got dangerous.

Fame is a complete and utter trip, and if you don’t know how to handle it, it can lead you down some serious paths to hell (see pretty much any celebrity who has died before their time of something not an illness). We, as the public, aren’t helping matters by essentially cheering on the wackiness, even if it made for an interesting New York Post headline.

Don’t get me wrong; some people crave the attention and are just acting out to get it. But I think its time we start taking a closer look into who we are putting on the tabloid front pages, and whether something more serious is going on there.

– B


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