EGO RAMBLE: Bring Your Child To Work….With A Book, or iPad, or Nintendo 3DS, or Something to Entertain Them!

Children are precious little darlings. When they are occupied.

When they aren’t, you quickly mistake them for gremlins running all over your office, distracting you on an already difficult Friday because you are stretching short assignments so you won’t die of boredom.

I completely understand why parents sometimes have to bring their kids to their place of business. My mom did it once, and never again (thank you afterschool programs).

However, if you have to, at least bring a book or some kind of electronic device for them to be preoccupied with. Books may be difficult since its the summer and you will be hard-pressed to find a child (myself included back in the day) actually wanting to read if it’s not for a dreaded summer assignment. A comic book, on the other hand, is certainly a possibility (the risk of your child becoming a thirty-year old burnout counting down the days to the next Comic-Con in your basement, be damned).

How about an electronic device? Even at 21, I can easily kill five hours straight playing Pokemon or Halo or Candy Crush Saga. If you happen to have an iPad or something similar, there is nothing better in the world. With hundreds of apps available, your child will never get bored. Hell, just throw on Netflix and watch your child become a zombie watching Adventure Time or Justice League (yes, I have done it; don’t judge).

Whatever you do, please just keep them busy, because I was thisclose to cursing out this little boy for throwing a bag of Baked Lays at the back of my knee.

Did I mention that it’s a Friday and I am utterly bored?



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