Teen Wolf’s Darach is Revealed; Here’s My Messy (But Valid) Theory

No. It’s not Lydia.

If you have not seen last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” LEAVE NOW AND WATCH IT. YOU WILL BE SPOILED BEYOND BELIEF!

So last night’s Teen Wolf was just rude, huh?

We learned that the feared demon druid beast is actually the sweet, quirky English teacher Jennifer Blake, aka Derek’s love interest who wasn’t a wolf killer witch.

Also, Lydia is a Banshee, and Derek is meant to be miserable forever.

My mind literally exploded in my skull.

After scraping up the oozing brain matter from my ears last night, I held a three-way phone call (yes, we still do that) with my two friends to basically unpack what the hell we just witnessed. After sleeping on it, waking up, and still freaking out, here’s what I decided:

Jennifer Blake is Paige, Paige is a Druid.

Here me out. First off, we learned last episode that the Druids have some kind of special tree, which Paige “died” under. For that past couple of episodes, Lydia has been drawing a tree. Jennifer made a weird look when she saw the tree Lydia was drawing. That was when Jennifer decided that Lydia was “the girl who knew too much” (aka the title of this week’s episode). Why would Jennifer get a little freaked by the drawing of a tree? Because that tree represents her “death” in Derek’s arms, as Paige.

Also, why is Jennifer, an English teacher, putting together a music concert? Remember that Paige was a music aficionado (who even teased young Derek back when he was trying to pursue her).


Paige being a Druid would explain a lot, like why Derek is so randomly in love with her, and why she didn’t take to the wolf bite, and why Jennifer’s gunshot wound healed like nothing after Stilinski shot her last night.

Now of course there is a lot we don’t know about Paige/Jennifer, which will probably be revealed over the next few weeks, but its a start, right?

Join me in freaking the freak out and share your thoughts below.

– B


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