The Last Ten Minutes of Teen Wolf’s “Motel California”, and Dylan O’Brien, Are Absolutely Everything

Emmy anyone?

This is all my friend Akeem’s fault, whether he claims it or not.

He got me watching Teen Wolf again after falling off a while back. I had already been bingeing on Devious Maids and Catfish, so i figured why not catch up with a show I was genuinely obsessed with in 2011.

By episode six of the current season, I was completely taken out of the game, again (remember that last week’s episode of Hit The Floor did the same thing).

There is A LOT that could be said about the episode, but for the sake of being completely and utterly DONE with life, I’ll just focus on the last ten minutes (and for those who haven’t caught up and intend to, head to and come back).

First off, Dylan O’Brien, who plays the sarcastic and lovable best friend Stiles, proved without question that he is one of the best young actors in any medium, certainly the best on the show. Considering the top crop of talent this show has, that is saying a lot. The scene when Stiles is talking Scott (Tyler Posey) down from a gasoline-soaked suicide was absolutely astonishing. The emotion and chemistry between the two was palpable, and if you didn’t even feel a tug at your heart, you might just be dead. Sure, we knew that Scott wasn’t going to blow himself up (that would probably be the end of the show), but the characters sure as hell didn’t, and the rest of the episode did a great job of raising the stakes. I was literally on the cusp of a breakdown myself, especially when the tears on the screen started flowing. It was an excellent moment that only solidifies Teen Wolf as MTV’s saving grace (besides Catfish, but for very different reasons).

Derek gets it in with the teacher!

Also happening in the last ten minutes (while everyone was trying to off themselves) was Derek Hale (played by Batman prospect Tyler Hoechlin) FINALLY getting some action. Sure, he was oozing black blood, but English teacher Jennifer Blake sure didn’t seem to mind. Plus, the sex actually healed his Alpha-caused wounds. Score! Considering how sucky Derek’s life has been (family-killing house fires and all of that), it was nice to see him finally happy for a minute, even if there’s a distinct possibility the other shoe will be dropping within the next couple of weeks.

All that said, the whole editing and sequencing of the scene,, juxtaposed with Scott’s almost suicide, was kind of very awkward.

Anyway, kudos to MTV and the cast and crew for an absolutely bravura season, worthy of its doubled season order (the second half of the season starts in January).


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