Ego Video: One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” is the Gayest Music Video Since 1993 Take That And It’s Fantastic

One Direction, with their throng of obsessed teenage girl fans and their very homoerotic tendencies towards each other, have always been a bunch of cheeky bastards.

But they take it to a completely new level with their latest music video.

We’ve got Zayn in some very convincing drag with all of the boys (especially Harry) ogling the hell out of him, Harry dressed up as a nerd, Liam channeling Richard Simmons on steroids riding a unicorn, and all of the boys’ heads superimposed on the bodies of every boy band from old school Take That to European high heel-wearing Kazaky.

And let’s not forget that disturbing butt-shaking bit at the end (they could use some lessons from Miley).

It’s all fun, messy, satiric, and pretty fantastic.

I really appreciate people who don’t take themselves too seriously as artists. I mean, we’re already putting millions of dollars in your pocket, there’s no need to prattle on about your craft at awards shows (hey Bieber). Clearly and thankfully, the 1D boys are willing to have a laugh at their own expense (take notes, Bieber). I’m laughing with them. I was almost ready to download their new song, the single from their upcoming movie.

Almost. I decided to just Spotify it until I get tired of it. It’s not bad; I just can’t imagine it remaining on my iPhone past a week. Why waste the $1.29?

By the way, the song I’m referencing in the title is British boy band Take That’s iconic, infamous music video for 1993’s “Do What You Like,” which you can check below:

– B


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