Anthony Weiner is the Hottest Mess in Politics… Again

The New York mayoral race just got a lot dirtier with revelations that candidate and serial sexter Anthony Weiner is once again involved in an extramarital online affair.

This time it was exposed by blog The Dirty, who posted very, very explicit correspondence between Weiner, going by the unintentionally hilarious screenname Carlos Danger, an some unnamed woman. I mean, besides the messages being straight-up pornographic in some cases, they also reek of desperation from a man clearly going through the mid-life crisis from hell.

To prove my point, here are the most PG messages from “Carlos”

If I met you in a bar and tried to talk to you, would I have a chance?

I’m deeply flawed.

I like to whisper to you while I make love to you. Is that okay?

I was reading your tweets and looking at your pics. So I thought I’d hold your wrists to settle you down.

Are you gagging yet (pun intended; he actually talks about gagging in another message)?

Now, Weiner has gone on television again to admit the messages are real and that he was “sorry.” So sorry that he did it again, after basically being kicked out of Congress two years ago. Despite this new scandal, he insists that he will continue his candidacy for NYC mayor. He also asked the people of New York to give him a second chance (although he really means third).

Worst of all, he brought his wife Huma with him, and she says that she loves and forgives him.

Honestly, it was funny for a minute, but Weiner (and Eliot Spitzer while we’re at it), should just hang it up. Weiner is incapable of not being a kinky manwhore (seriously, read the messages; they are a hot mess), plain and simple. His continued push for office is embarrassing for his family and the city. I’m sorry that his wife is clearly not fulfilling him sexually (not that it’s an excuse), but I cannot understand how he expects anyone to take him seriously as a politician now.

Move on, zip up your fly and do some research on how to come up with better screen names.

Carlos Danger? Child…





– B


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