VH1’s Hit The Floor Completely Took Me Out of the Game. Why Aren’t You Watching?

On Monday nights, I typically unwind doing three things: laying in bed until dinner is ready, eating dinner, and engaging in some ratchet television on VH1.

Before I took notice a couple of weeks ago, that routine did not include VH1’s newest scripted drama Hit The Floor, starring Kimberly Elise, Dean Cain, and some other newbie talent I’ve never seen before. Now (of course with only one week left of the season), I am absolutely hooked, an you should be too.

I’ll do my best not to spoil it, but last night’s episode was absolute insanity. Hit The Floor works because it has enough ratchet to be a perfect segue from Love and Hip Hop and is also just pure soap goodness. I mean, you’ve got doping scandal, backstabbing, secret children, and one of the most shocking moments I’ve seen this side of Scandal involving a basketball player and a money-hungry agent. In fact, one of the episode’s last scenes makes me wonder how it was able to get past the sensors.

Let’s just say it’s highly unlikely you’ve seen this type of scene on basic cable before.

Have I teased you enough to head over to VH1.com and watch the last episode? Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Hit The Floor has been renewed for a second season, so all of this epic messiness will continue well into 2014.


One thought on “VH1’s Hit The Floor Completely Took Me Out of the Game. Why Aren’t You Watching?

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