Ego Ramble: How I Accidentally Tricked Myself Into A Yearlong iPhone Subscription to Vanity Fair (And I’m Actually Glad. Sort Of)

So if you don’t know by now (or you haven’t read my part of the epic Henry Cavill/Kerry Washington megapost from yesterday), I love Kerry Washington.

I love her so much that I was willing to subscribe to Vanity Fair on my iPad to get the latest issue with her on it. Of course, my plan was to get the one month free trial of Vanity Fair and then cancel before they could charge me.

Evil genius, right? Wrong, because I forgot that I had already subscribed before, which meant that I wasn’t eligible for a free trial. Which also meant a nice $19.99 charge showed up on my bank statement.

You would think I’d be really aggravated, but I’m not. Normally I would be, but Vanity Fair impressed me with their iPhone app so much, I figured being stuck with VF for a year wouldn’t be too bad.

It really seems like Conde Nast, the publisher of VF, has really cracked the iPhone magazine paradox. It’s really all centered around a new Table of Contents, that arranges stories but reading time, instead of placement on the page. Meaning, if you want something quick for your five-minute bus ride or a long article to drown in on the beach, it’s perfectly arranged for your consumption. It’s a lot more intuitive that way, and you don’t have to worry about swiping away to get at the stories you don’t care about. And yet, with this mew arrangement, I found myself reading other long reads, like a feature on President Woodrow Wilson that was absolutely fascinating.

Vanity Fair and Conde Nast have found a way to make reading their magazine easier. Even more beneficial to them is the ability to discover new articles that may have been ignored for who was on the cover. That is an excellent way to keep readers engaged and subscribed past the free month.

I’m just waiting for the rest of my magazines to catch up (I’m looking at you GQ)

– B


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