Henry Cavill and Kerry Washington are Everything, and Here’s Why

Like seriously? Can you imagine their children? Ugh

There are currently two people on planet Earth who we at EgoRich live and breathe for. These two people are so damn perfect, so talented, so insanely good-looking, so effortless in whatever they do, that it is actually a biological anomaly that they exist in real life. Plus, they play two of the most amazing people in pop culture at the moment.

Of course, we are talking about Henry Cavill and Kerry Washington.

While the concept of these two people literally being everything should be easy to conceive of, we decided that it would be best if we just offered our own thoughts (aka we are just going to praise them until our fingertips bleed).

By the way, we are currently developing a film idea which we can sell for millions featuring these two. We are aware that putting these two titans on screen might cause the world to implode, but we are willing to take that chance.

Henry Cavill.

You know, part of me wishes he was gay. You know how Matt Bomer is also perfect and every straight woman hates his husband’s guts because the father of his kids deceives straight women by playing a straight man on TV and IS GORGEOUS? Yeah, Matt Bomer has two children and is perfectly gay. So anyway, part of me wishes Henry was gay so that I could reign in my hopes. At least I know I’ll never be Matt Bomer’s type. But with Henry, the slim slim possibility is anguish.

If you haven’t seen his face until just now, be prepared to get life. His face is perfect. His nose is crooked, his teeth are crooked and he has a partially brown blue eye but he is still PERFECT. His few flaws literally make him that much hotter. Its a joke. He oozes masculinity in the best way possible. I didn’t know it was anatomically possible to create such a specimen, but God really outdid himself on this one. You know those science books that talk about what makes straight men and women attracted to each other. And how women are attracted to x, y, z features and attributes? Henry is the prototype. Everything about him head to toe, his voice is EVERYTHING. My life habitually ends when his face flashes across the screen.

Oh and do we need to talk about how his American accent throws a whole different dimension to his perfection? HOLY CRAP! I’ve seen Man of Steel twice and as soon as he started speaking in American, I fell into a deeper form of lust (usually it is the other way around because everyone likes British accents). And in terms of Man of Steel–that film is so rude. The filmmakers were clearly aware of Henry Cavill’s acute and brutal beauty so they made sure to put the camera ALL UP IN HIS FACE whenever they could. It was so mean. So rude. So harsh. And then at the end THEY PUT GLASSES ON HIS FACE which was the ultimate game changer. I’m positive I passed out in the theater. I have never seen anyone wear glasses who looked even more amazing than they did without glasses. It’s just not fair. (And to all the men who went on dates with their girlfriends or boyfriends that night–I am so sorry. You probably were dumped, didn’t get lucky or couldn’t stop hearing your date talk about how fine/perfect/godlike Henry Cavill is. That’s why I went with my sister and my friend who is a girl–not the boyfriend.)

I am really glad that he ended that stint with Kaley Cuoco too because she is cross-eyed and busted and I’m not positive he knew what was going on there. Gina, his ex, is a dime and then Kaley is, well, not a dime. I’m hoping they actually broke up and aren’t just saying it so they can avoid media attention.

Last, the man looks good in everything and he changes his look up so often and yet still continues to kill it. With or without a beard, long or short hair, tan or untan–who cares! The fact that he was made fun of for being fat when he was younger is great. He is the ugly duckling who turned into a swan. He appreciates his perfection because he didn’t always have it and I love that.

…Oh last but not least his acting is very good…


There’s really no point in denying Henry Cavill. He’s pretty much perfection personified, and the rest of us pressed, mad, bitter souls will simply have to deal. He looks like he was born to play Superman. He’s ridiculously good-looking. Like, it’s offensive to the rest of the male species, myself included. And what’s even more annoying is that he is such a nice guy. He’s humble, he’s cool, he’s a computer/video game geek, and he looks like he was carved out of marble. It’s just not fair to the rest of us.

I mean, just look at this clip and tell me your jaw doesn’t drop a tiny bit when he gives Amy Adams that look (and you know what look I’m talking about):

I rest my case.

– B

Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington is pretty much the most important actress in Hollywood right now. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Kerry Washington has literally transformed television, just by being the baddest chick to ever make out with a fictional POTUS. In case you hadn’t realized, ever since Washington’s pop culture profile exploded with Scandal, (which is inexplicably returning for a third season in OCTOBER), networks have been scrambling to recreate the magic of a series with a black female lead.

While all of those actresses are great, there is something about Kerry. She is beautiful, for starters. Like, knock-out, drag-out, “why won’t she marry me” gorgeous. She is intelligent. She has the ability to tear you down to shreds and make you feel guilty in one second, and then make you want to pull her in a hug after looking into those incredibly passionate eyes, maybe filled with tears. Her hair is surrounded by a force field erected by Jesus, I’m sure of it. She has chemistry with everybody, and is single-handedly responsible for reviving sexual interest in Tony Goldwyn (if it ever existed, no shade) with their steamy, sexy love scenes. I mean, seriously, their first time in the hotel? She makes you forget that she is a young black woman kissing an older white man, and then reminds you of it so you can be all the more gobsmacked. And she is insanely talented, celebrating her first Emmy nomination for being Olivia Pope. I could put up hundreds of clips to prove my point, but this one right here, is everything:

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner because she just got married to some rando who I’ve never heard of in my life.

– B

Kerry is perfect. Literally perfect. Some people say I look like her, which is the most ultimate compliment ever because if I ever almost looked like her my life would be perfect. I love that she is so smart, like B said. She went to GW in DC, she’s involved in politics and she knows whats up. And I love that she speaks about acting in such a smart way. She doesn’t do it just to be rich and famous–which I’m sure is awesome–but she does it because she wants to reflect the human form through art and that’s awesome because she brings that to her characters. She’s my idol! What happens if Henry Cavill and Kerry Washington were to fall in love and get married?



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