Ego Videos: Man Throws Raccoon Down The Stairs To Save His Dog

Do not mess with a man and his dog.

You would think everyone knows that most basic of all facts, but clearly the raccoon constituency did not get the memo.

As  Kevin Rose (who also happens to be the founder of Digg) explained it, he heard his dog (named Toaster) yelping for help and when he went outside, he saw a raccoon mercilessly assaulting him. Rose jumped to the rescue, grabbing the raccoon and chucking it down the stairs, in one of the most unbelievably and unintentionally GIF-worthy moments in Internet history.

When I tell you I was screaming inside watching this video…

And by the way, thanks to TechCrunch for this life-giving GIF of said raccoon-chucking!

– B


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