The Superman/Batman Movie IS Coming!

It’s. COMING. The potential logo for the Batman/Superman film!

San Diego Comic-Con has been the source of some HUGE news, more so than usual.

The marquee news has to be Zack Synder’s announcement that the sequel to the very successful Man of Steel will actually co-star Batman!


The movie is slated for release in 2015, with a possible Justice League film coming in 2017. Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman, but Batman will most likely not be played by Christian Bale, meaning the search is one for the new Dark Knight.

Henry Cavill will be back in the suit soon enough

Personally, I think they should just give Christian Bale as much money as humanly possible so he can come back. I mean, Robert Downey Jr./Avengers money. This movie NEEDS to happen the right way, and I cannot imagine anyone doing the role the same kind of justice as both of these men.

Of course, if this all feels a bit rushed, its because DC and Warner Brothers are setting the stage to challenge the Avengers franchise. The success of Man of Steel was really all the studio needed to greenlight the projects.

So, now that this is all confirmed, time to speculate!

Who will play Batman? Who will be in the Justice League? Are we supposed to forget that Ryan Reynolds was Green Lantern? So many questions, ugh.

Are you as excited as I am!

– B


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