EGO RAMBLE: What in the world is “ETHNIC” Rhinoplasty

So I was surfing facebook when I came across some nonsense talking about plastic surgeons that SPECIALIZE in AFRICAN AMERICAN OR ETHNIC RHINOPLASTY. So basically, they are doctors who specialize in giving black people nose jobs. Dang, no other races need their own “kind” of surgeon then right? If you think I am lying go to The surgeon is apparently an expert on the “ethnic anatomy.”

Ethnic Anatomy? What does that even mean? We are all “ethnic” no matter where you are coming from. He sounds ignorant as I don’t know what!


This is from the Doctors’ facebook page. What, so white or asian people don’t need a special surgeon because they’re all the same and black people aren’t.

SMDH. All I am saying is I don’t like this use of the word ethnic like it only applies to black people.  (I’m also pressed because there is a market for exploiting the fact that black people have wide noses and that our society is dominated by the notion that small, caucasian features = beautiful therefore black people feel compelled to spend their money on this asinine procedure.)

What do YOU THINK.



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