Ego Ramble: The NYC MTA Has Some Nerve…

Today, for the second time in two weeks, I was stuck in a 20 minute-plus delay.

This time around, I wasn’t on an E train in the middle of a tunnel in an air-conditioned car. I was standing in a train station, sweating through my work clothes, all because of some signal problem. Again. At the next stop over. My stop. The last stop on the line.

Yes, I was stuck a stop away from my destination.

Let me get this straight. The MTA raises the fare price again, to $2.50, with express bus going up to $6. The charge a $1 fee to get a new MetroCard. And yet, with all of this new revenue coming in, they cannot fix something like a signal problem, forcing a couple hundred people stuck in the train station in sweltering heat?

Where the HELL is our money going to? Certainly not the Second Avenue Subway that was supposed to be finished by the time I came back from college. Clearly not the maintenance of the system, since signal problems are popping up left and right.

Can we get some kind of audit, because I swear that there is some kind of corruption going on here.

If I wind up paying $3 at some point in the near future only to be drenched in a subway station at 6pm for twenty minutes, I’m going to slap somebody.


One thought on “Ego Ramble: The NYC MTA Has Some Nerve…

  1. don’t forget all the ad space they’re selling on those new $1 metrocards. Oh, so you want to sell my impression AND make me PAY for a corporate advertisement I didn’t want? Shut up and give me back my dollar.

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