Ego Ramble: Dear ABC and Shonda Rhimes, We Need To Talk About This October 3rd Season Premiere Date For Scandal

We are as pressed as an Olivia Pope suit…

Dear ABC and Shonda Rhimes,

We (as in P and B), would like to congratulate you on developing a show that has captured the hearts and imaginations of people the world over, introducing the world to Kerry Washington, getting her an Emmy nomination, and just delivering a show that makes us drop to the floor gasping for breath when David was the one who stole the Defiance thing from Pope & Associates and gave it to Billy Chambers (true story).

All that said, we need to talk. Now.

This past week, you guys announced the season premiere date for Scandal, quite haphazardly, might I add. Maybe you figured that if you made a big deal about it, especially considering when the date was, you might inspire riots (or at least verbal lashings via Twitter). So you quietly announced it via Facebook.

October 3rd.

Clearly your Facebook updater cannot spell, because I am sure that is supposed to say “September.”

But let’s assume you meant that date to be October 3rd…

Excuse me?

Are you meaning to tell me that all of us gladiators have to wait until OCTOBER for us to finally figure out one-fifth of the story about Olivia and her dad? OCTOBER until we see how Huck will get out of his 752 daze (see what I did there)? OCTOBER to find out how long Jake will really be in that damn hole? OCTOBER until we see if Harrison actually gets a storyline? October, we have to sit through all of these wack premieres of shows that haven’t been created by Shonda, meaning they won’t be as good and will be canceled by the end of November, and just deal without our gladiators?


Ok, I’m calm. P?


Listen Shonda, I’ve been on your team since the pilot episode of Grey’s. I’m a loyal servant to your majesty television screen writer madame. But your decision to have my favorite show in life come back in OCTOBER is unfounded and absolutely unacceptable.

I am addicted to the show. So if you make me wait until OCTOBER I will go into anaphalyctic shock from withdrawal in which case I may not even make it to October 3 when you oh so casually decide to debut Season 3. There are only so many episodes for me to rewatch before it’s not enough to keep my habit going.

I feel empty. Like I am grieving. Please take these thoughts under consideration as you rethink that Season 3 debut date. I will appreciate it!

Sincerely yours,



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