The Ego Guide to Shopping at Macy’s

It can be magical, if you know what you are doing

When I was in college, I developed a reputation for my relationship with the department store Macy’s.

Despite my protestations, my friends, and people I didn’t really like, noted that I would go to the mall every weekend and come back with at least one bag with that red star on it.

They would also be baffled how a near-broke college student could come back with name-brand threads like Marc Ecko and Calvin Klein, without selling his soul.

One of my best friends regularly asked me how I did it, and so often at that. So, with her in mind, and the fact that I am actually planning a much-needed trip to my fashion alma-mater this weekend, here are some tips to saving the most money possible while looking absolutely amazing.

Clearance Is Your Friend

There is something icky about shopping at the clearance section for some people. But trust me when I say some of my favorite items I’ve ever purchased have sat on the 75% off rack. This is especially true for the men’s section. Unless its something I need in my life, I almost never pay retail price. It’s just a matter of looking.

Get a Macy’s Card (Unless Your Credit is Trash) and Keep a Low Limit

Some of the best savings comes from being a loyal customer. After it became clear by sophomore year that I was a true blue Macy’s fanatic, I signed up for their store card. At first, I was pissed because the limit was so low, but it proved to be a blessing in disguise. Having a low limit, within the $100-200 range, keeps you from blowing away your credit line and spending months paying it off (like we do with the rest of our credit cards). When you do pay it off, then you have an excuse to go shopping!

That said, if you have bad credit, then it might be best to just forgo this altogether.

Always Explore The Brands

There are other brands you know…(even if this is one of the best)

As you grow older, your fashion tastes change. Or your favorite designer decides to go insane and completely changes his aesthetic and you decide you hate it.

While I have my staple brands, Marc Ecko, American Rag, and Calvin Klein, I’m very polygamous about what label I put on. Essentially, if it looks nice, matches with something I have at home or am about to buy, and won’t destroy my financials, I’ll pick it up. Plus, one label may have that epic, jaw-dropping sale that you wouldn’t have noticed if you’re stuck with Polo Ralph Lauren.

One Day Sales are a Lie

The devil is a LIE!

Whenever Macy’s announces a One Day Sale, it may seem like the skies have opened and The Lord has raining vanilla ice cream raindrops on your head.

Unfortunately, those raindrops pretty much taste like spoiled milk.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is actually a great deal going on. Most of the time, though, it is much easier and more cost-effective to shop on a One Day-less weekend. My best purchases have never come from One Day Sale, so if you’re looking for a real deal, avoid them like the plague.

And finally…

Bring a Friend

Shopping by yourself is never fun. Shopping for amazing deals while still looking for nice, not crazy looking styles can be difficult. Bring someone along who you trust, who will tell you, “yes, that shirt is $60% off, but if you wear it anywhere, I will never speak to you again.” You’ll appreciate in the end, as well as your wallet.

So there are Brandon’s tips on navigating a Macy’s trip! If I find anything amazing, I’ll post it to EgoRich’s Instagram, which is @weareegorich. Follow us!

– B


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