EgoRamble: Candy Crush is the Devil!


This is Candy Crush Saga. One of the most popular mobile games in the world right now.

It is also the spawn of Satan. And I’m so serious.

You think it’s a harmless game about flicking some candy around. No. It’s a time, money and soul sucking leech sitting on your home screen, ready to strip you of all common sense (AND YOUR MONEY) just so you can hear that bing when you match 3 or more candies.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure I risked putting my bank account into overdraft for this game. Just to match some candies.

And then there is the damn chocolate.

The evil chocolate that spreads like cancer to eat your candies when you are just about to make a match. I love chocolate (specifically milk chocolate), but this game is seriously making me consider setting fire to a Hershey’s factory. I mean, Candy Crush is basically teaching everybody with a smartphone on the NYC subway that chocolate is really a rapid-spreading disease.

So the moral of this ramble?

Candy Crush is pure evil, no matter how many cutesy-pootsy characters they have leading you through the Candy world.

Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to finish Level 80.

If you want, please share your struggles with this demon called Candy Crush Saga in the comments. Heck, maybe we could form a support group or something.

– B


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