How Two Narcissists Became “EgoRich”

So, how did two BFFs from college decide that the world deserved our input (even if they weren’t ready)?

Pretty simple: a random at-work Facebook conversation at noon:

Paige: Let’s make a blog together. It would be hilarious. And we would be famous like yesterday

Brandon: Don’t toy with my emotions. I would be so down.

P: Okay. EXCELLENT. We need to, like, discuss the happenings.

B: OMG. The world isn’t ready. I don’t think I’m ready lol

P: It can be called

B: Don’t leave me in suspense!

Of course, the most important aspect of starting a blog is the name, which we had hilarious trouble figuring out:

P: Reflections of a narcissist. Or of two narcissists. Or something else

B: Hmmm. Maybe something a little more quirky. Like “when narcissists attack”. Or something.

P: That’s a tad aggressive.

B: I love the narcissist angle.

P: As do I.

B: But what should we pair it with? Attack is aggressive. And reflections is very wispy.

P: Revenge of the narcissists?

B: Hmmm. We need a thesaurus.

The struggle was so real.

Then there was deciding which platform to use. As you’ll see, we couldn’t help throwing a bit of shade as we debated back and forth (sorry we’re not sorry Tumblr, and Blogger, and especially Livejournal):

B: We need to figure out which we’ll use. Blogger? WordPress? Tumblr? I’m kinda over Blogger.

P: It’s like the new Myspace. And Myspace is over. I like WordPress. Or Livejournal.

B: No. Livejournal is so irrelevant. It’s like a zombie.

We finally landed on a platform, and an awesome name (that a bunch of other people also apparently used but we’ve never heard of them so we shall keep it and make it epic and deal with potential copyright infringements later, a la Apple):

B: Rambling Egos? Something like that? The Rambling Egos?

P: Too many syllables.

B: Lmfao

P: Egorich

B: I like that. Egorich. Yessssssss that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P: Excellent.

And that is how this fun catalog of hot mess and musings came to be. We hope you will indulge in your own “egorichness” as you scroll through the videos, pictures, ramblings (there will be plenty of those) and whatever else we decide to type out.


– B.L.


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